Our Jewelers

We at Mountain of Jewels are glad and honor to represent the finest Native American and Southwest Jewelers. We have developed a close relationships with most of the artist we work with.  We've got to know their work, background and even their families.  We often spend time with them at their workshop observing their skills and the way they create jewelry.  We'd like to pass our appreciation of the artists, their jewelry and cultures to our customers.

Below please find a list of many of the jewelers. Please note that this list is dynamic and we always add more artist, more information, pictures and videos. 

If by any chance you can't find any information or a piece by an artist that is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact us and we would love to help you. 


Alex Sanchez - Navajo/Zuni

Andy Cadman

Anthony Lovato - Kewa

Artie Yellowhorse - Navajo

Bruce Morgan - Navajo

Chris Charley - Navajo

Gary Custer - Navajo

George and Lupe Leekity - Zuni

JJ Otero - Navajo/Hopi

Joel Pajarito - Kewa

Randy Secatero and Sylvan Apache - Navajo & Apache

Tom Hawk - Navajo

Tommy and Rosita Singer - Navajo