Joel Pajarito - Kewa

Joel Pajarito, born in 1984, is sixth generation from Kewa Pueblo (previously known as Santo Domingo Pueblo), New Mexico. Growing up in with acclaimed jewelers Mary Coriz Lovato, his grandmother, and Anthony Lovato, his father, Joel was exposed to jewelry making from a very early age. In high school, he learned basic jewelry making skills but feels his best experiences were watching his father work. Joel and his two brothers were given their first “tufa” block by their father, and carving together, they made their first bracelet, which they gave to their beloved grandmother on Mother’s Day. Since then, Joel has collaborated with Mary. A skilled and inventive jeweler, Joel blends his father’s tufa casting (carving a design into sandstone) with his grandmother’s traditional inlay work.

Mountain of Jewels is proud to carry beautiful pieces by Joel Pajarito.