George and Lupe Leekity - Zuni

George and Lupe Leekity are from the Zuni Pueblo.  The Leekity's specialize in sandcast silver work with turquoise settings which they learned from the known Zuni jewelry maker Lupe's father Horace Lule. 

George Leekity born in 1942, Zuni Pueblo, is the son-in -law of Horace Iule; husband of Lupe Leekity; father of Rosella Leekity and 4 other children.

Lupe Leekity born in 1942, Zuni Pueblo/San Felipe Pueblo, is the daughter of Horace Iule and Lupe Iule; sister of Ruby , Cecilia, Robert Iule, Barney Iule, Phillip Iule; wife of George Leekity; mother of Rosella Leekity and 4 other children.

Reference: American Indian Jewelry I: 1,200 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf.