Gary Custer - Navajo

Gary Custer in Navajo.  He was born in Ft. Defiane AZ and raised on the Navajo Nation. Gis Navajo clanship includes:

Todich' iilinni - (bitter Water clan)

Born for the Naneesht'ezhi Tachiinii (Charcoal-Streaked Division of the red running into water),

Tsi'naajinii - (Black-Streaked-wood) people are his maternal grandfather's and Dziltl'ahnii - (Mountain Cove) are is paternal grandfather's.

The Navajo culture is the backbone of this life.  He has been around his grandparent since he was young.  English is his second language, Speaking Navajo has helped him communicate with his grandparents, who taught him many things.

After high school he became an auto technician, but soon decide to look at other avenues.  In 1989 fate called upon him and his interest in Navajo silversmithing was born.  His parents are longtime silversmiths and have a well known background in traditional Navajo sandcast jewelry.  Influenced by his family's sancast work dating back to the 1800's, Gary does Tufa cast and stamp work, giving his jewelry a contemporary look with traditional background designs.  

He is self taught through exposure to this family and hard work and practice.  His Navajo Culture had a powerful influence on his jewelry, each piece has a story, such as turquoise and other stones.

Tufa casting and sand casting has become his specialty.  He enjoys working with the traditional pattern and creating unique designs.  Custer has received many awards and his pieces can be found in many fine galleries and museums across the North and Southwestern United States and Europe.  We at Mountain of Jewels are happy to represent Gary Custer and offer his work to the public.  His work is considered among the businesses as a very fine line of contemporary Indian Artwork.