Artie Yellowhorse - Navajo

Artie Yellowhorse is a third generation Navajo jewelry artist from the Towering House Clan from Arizona. Her grandfather and father were both silversmiths and the women in her family were skilled weavers. Jewelry artistry has been in the Yellowhorse family for three generations. And thus the many artists bearing the Yellowhorse name are all related. The influences of her Navajo heritage are apparent in the beautiful wearable art, which evolved out of generations of artistic talent. 

Artie Yellowhorse has been designing and making sophisticated jewelry for years. She is known for her contemporary designs that incorporate high-quality stones and materials with an exceptional quality of silverwork. Artie is no longer manugacturing the jewelry herself but employs a staff of very proficient Navajo silversmiths who execute the actual work.  

Artie's two daughters, Desiree and Lei Lani are active members of the business participating in design, fabrication, sales, and the operational aspects of the business.

We at Mountain of Jewels are proud to represent and sell Artie's work and  have a nice collection of her art. We often post new items, however please contact us if you are looking for a particular itmes not posted as we may sitll have it.