Hello and Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Mountain of Jewels, a division of Leshem Diamonds. Our diamond and jewelry company is established on a very advanced knowledge and experience of more than 35 years. As a supplier to many jewelry stores in the US, we have decided to extend our service to the public and to allow the online community the opportunity to purchase directly from us.

We have strong business ties with a number of diamond manufacturers in Israel, Belgium and India who are among the leaders of the diamond trade. This enables us to provide you with a wide selection of diamonds directly from the source all at low prices - guaranteed!!!

In addition to diversified diamond selection and a superior range of qualities we also provide diamond jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, gold and silver coins and bullion and other collectibles.

Our business is based on customer service and concern for your satisfaction. We provide the most courteous, professional and friendly customer service, in offering a broad range of services to cover all your jewelry needs. We take our customer's needs very seriously in finding them the perfect piece at the best affordable price!

Please call us with any questions regarding your purchase. We will take the time to discuss all issues concerning your gift and will make the right recommendations ensuring that what you chose is a gift to be cherished.

Why Choose Mountain of Jewels?

  • Top Quality Jewelry
  • Certified Diamonds
  • Custom Designs
  • 7 Day Return Policy
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed